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Phillips Tree Service integrates best practices for health and safety in all of our services. Our tree services include tree trimming, land leveling, stump grinding, tree removal, and storm and emergency work.

Improve tree health

Keeping up with proper tree care is key for helping your tree grow strong. Removing dead or diseased branches improves the overall health of the tree.


Tree trimming also encourages trees to develop a stronger core structure so they can better uphold to the elements.


-Keeps your property clear and keeps your guests safe from falling branches

-Makes your yard look better and neater

-Improves trees’ overall physical appearance and boosts flower and fruit production


Trust the tree health and safety experts

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Phillips Tree Service offers incredible customer service around the clock with our unbeatable 24-hour emergency service.


We'll help you with all your tree health and safety issues from start to finish. We accept all insurance work. Call with questions today!

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Tree services to improve the health of your trees

Phillips Tree Service is comprised of a team of experienced and knowledgeable tree experts. In addition to providing a wide variety of tree services, we aim to keep our customers educated on tree health and safety.

Additional benefits of pruning